Adjusta-Flex 6000 Adjustable Bed by Boyd


Adjusta-Flex 6000 Adjustable Bed by Boyd

Starting at $1515

This zero gravity model is fully compatible inside a traditional bed frame so that it will not compromise your design style.  The bed height is 15" from the floor. 

Boyd provides a 20 year limited warranty with each adjustable bed purchase.  Rest assured, when buying this bed, the electrical components are pre-tested, the sturdy steel frame has an Armor Shield Coat to prevent rusting. 

Why buy this

  • Wireless Hand Control
  • Memory setting with Auto Flat feature and One touch Zero Gravity button
  • Head and Foot Articulation powered by 2 motors, Headrest raises to 60 degrees, legs raise to 45 degrees
  • Adjustable intensity and speed Adjustable Massage feature
  • Wall Hugger Design- this means the adjustable base would move toward the top of the bed when you raise the head portion. This allows you to remain close to your nightstand. Adjustable  beds without this feature Now you face the challenge of needing to reach further back to get whatever it is you’re trying to do in your bed. If you’re reading a book or having a snack, you’ll have to twist your back and reach behind you to access the nightstand.
  • Steel frame Heavy Duty each base weighs over 200lbs
  • UPS Shippable- Easy assembly just open box and attach legs