Dynamic 12" Memory Foam by Boyd

This mattress is custom made. Ships within 7-14 days.

Dynamic 12" Memory Foam by Boyd

12" Certified Eco-friendly Manufactured Memory Foam Mattress

Starting at $655

  • Ultra Plush comfort.
  • Solid 2” memory foam.
  • 7” Reflexa foam base.
  • Removable, washable, anti-microbial rayon cover from sustainable bamboo fibers.
  • Certified eco-friendly manufacturing.

Certified Eco-Friendly Manufacturing

Boyd Dynamic Memory Foam is manufactured in a sealed vacuum chamber with constant atmospheric condition to prevent harmful VOCs from being released into the atmosphere.

This certified “Green” process contains virtually all Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) and prevents them from being released into the atmosphere.  VOC’s are man made chemicals and industrial solvents used in the manufacturing of many items, such as foam and have been linked to various types of air and water pollution, ozone depletion, etc.

Superior Memory Foam

The memory foam that is produced in this sealed, pressurized chamber uses pressure rather than chemicals to control the physical properties of the foam.  The vast majority of the foreign and domestic competition use the antiquated technology of open air manufacturing which can lead to inconsistencies due to weather (Humid vs. Dry, Hot vs. Cold, High Pressure vs. Low Pressure), resulting in foam that can vary widely in firmness, feel and quality.

Open Cell Technology

Eco-Friendly Manufacturing Process produces a more consistent cell structure resulting in higher quality foams with enhanced performance and strength characteristics. The foam is “open cell” which is more responsive to a wider range of temperatures, providing a smooth, gradual shift in firmness no matter what the room temperature is.  “Open Cell” is a breathable structure that promotes air flow and the dissipation of heat (warm air) which keeps you cool and comfortable all night long.

Optional Platform Foundation

The platform foundation is optional.  The 14” height provides more under the bed storage than a standard 6”-8” metal frame; it eliminates the need for frame, foundation and box spring. This complete mattress support system is compact & an easy assembly- no tools required. You can transport it through even the narrowest of spaces, such as stairwells or elevators. Heavy duty construction supports up to 3500 lbs. 


20 Year Limited Manufacture’s Warranty. 


UPS .  This mattress is a 12” height and it ships compressed in a small package carrier box to any location. Total mattress set height with optional foundation is 26".  Boyd’s mattress is for use on an existing base, with a platform frame, foundation or an adjustable power base.  Please note your order will be shipped directly from the brand.

Authorized Dealer

Dream Mattress Organics is an authorized Boyd dealer.  Being an authorized dealer means your warranty and national service support is honored fully by Boyd