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  1. With us, choosing the right mattress only requires that you know what comfort level you prefer to sleep on. Comfort and support are different features. You can choose a soft mattress and you’ll have the same proper back support as you would with a firm mattress. Why? It’s because all of our mattresses provide superior support, no matter which comfort level you decide upon. So, do you prefer to sleep on a soft, medium or firm mattress?

    By the way, our comfort chart from firm to soft level is:


    Our cushion firm has a little ‘give’ and it does not feel like a board. Plush is medium firm. Ultra plush is medium soft. Pillowtop has an added pad that is built in on top of the mattress, it is soft.

  2. Do you want a coil, memory foam or latex mattress?

    Now that you have figured out your comfort preference, you need to decide what type of mattress to buy. Here’s some helpful information for you to decide. Latex has a more “buoyancy” feel while memory foam is more conforming to your body. If you like the feel of a traditional mattress, you probably would prefer latex. If you are looking for the best pressure relieving foam in the market, you should choose memory foam.
3. Do you need accessories such as foundations or frames?

You do not need a foundation if you plan to have a platform bed. Platform beds already have wooded slats or solid panels which are built in foundations. However, if you plan to purchase memory or latex foam mattress and your platform bed has slats, it will need to be a solid surface. This is simple, you can buy plywood cut to the size of your bed at a hardware store or buy bunkie boards at your local mattress store. You also do not need to buy frames if you have a platform bed. If you are buying a mattress set (foundation and mattress), you may need to buy a frame.
4. What mattress size are you buying? Here are your choices:

Twin= 38x74
Twin xl= 38x80
Full= 54x74
Queen= 60x80
King (aka Eastern King)= 76x80
Cal King= 72x84
** BTW, with Kings, you’ll get 2 pieces when you order foundations.
Which is better for me—organic or eco-friendly products?
Organic certified (greenest) products are the healthiest and best for you, especially if you are sensitive to chemicals, have allergies or asthma. However, living a healthy life starts one step at a time so choose products that work with your budget.Your small steps make a big difference towards your health.
Why buy an organic mattress?
Simply put, organic mattress is your healthy choice.It does not off-gas harmful chemicals because it is free of any toxic chemicals.Since you spend a third of your life in bed and it is the closest thing to you when you sleep, it is a product worth owning.
What is an organic mattress?
Organic mattresses are made with materials that were not treated with chemicals. There are no chemicals in these mattresses so you do not need to worry about chemical breakdowns and harmful VOCs off-gas.Our organic mattresses meet Federal and State flammability standards without the use of harmful flame-retardant chemicals.
What is a certified organic mattress?
These organic mattresses are independently certified by 3rd parties verifying that all fiber and materials are organic.Certified Organic means the item has been grown according to strict uniform standards that are verified by independent state or private organizations. Certification includes inspections of farm fields and processing facilities, detailed record keeping, and periodic testing of soil and water to ensure that growers and handlers are meeting the standards which have been set.
Are all organic products completely free of pesticide residues?
Certified organic products have been grown and handled according to strict standards without toxic and persistent chemical inputs. However, organic crops are inadvertently exposed to agricultural chemicals that are now pervasive in rain and ground water due to their overuse during the past fifty years in North America, and due to drift via wind and rain.
How does a conventional mattress differ from organic mattress?
Materials used in conventional mattress contain polyurethane foam, PCV, phtalalates, formaldehyde, chemical fire retardants and other industrial chemicals, many of which are untested and not yet approved by the government.We’re exposed to the potential harmful chemical off gassing.The chemicals are breaking down and we are breathing them while we are asleep.
How do organic mattresses meet flammability requirements without harmful chemicals? There are organic wool insulators in the mattress.Wool is a natural fiber and it is highly flame resistant. Wool is considered to be hypoallergenic and as added benefit wool keeps heat in the winter and it is cool in the summer.

Why buy an environmentally safe mattress?
Your house contains toxins 2-5x more than the outdoor.Synthetic materials used in conventional home furnishings can break down (off-gas) and emit volatile organic compounds.Since green products contain more natural materials, choosing green products will help reduce pollutions in your home, improve air quality, thus, making it a more comforting and comfortable home.
How do latex and memory foam feel differently from each other?
Latex has a more “buoyancy” feeling while memory foam is more conforming to your body.If you like the feel of a traditional mattress, you probably would prefer latex.If you are looking for the best pressure relieving foam in the market, you should choose memory foam.
What is a vacuum packed mattress?
The air is completely extracted from the mattress; the mattress is reduced to about 90% of its original size and is rolled up and shipped in a tote.Once it is opened, within 3-4 hours, it will regain 80% of its shape. We suggest you wait 24 hours for a fully recovered mattress. There are no compromises in quality or comfort in a vacuum packed mattress. Yet there are many benefits; transporting mattresses this way is extremely popular in Europe. Because it is vacuum packed and sealed, it is very hygienic (great news for allergy sufferers) and it happens to also lower the product’s overall carbon footprint.
Why should I buy organic sheets?
Organic cotton sheets are absence of chemicals. These sheets are unbleached and undyed and because of this, they are softer, last longer and breathe better than other cotton sheets.While most stores carry 100% cotton sheets, it is harder to find 100% organic sheets. You can save gas and time by shopping for them on the internet, keep in mind, like chemical treated cotton sheets, organic cotton sheets also vary in quality.