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Welcome to Dream Mattress Organics

Sleep Green. Dream Colors.™


Now you have options for healthy, greener lifetsyle in your bedroom. We promote restful sleeps through organic, earth-friendly mattresses for adults and children. In this modern time, the bedroom should be a sanctuary where you rejuvenate from stress. For more soothing sleeps, we introduce you to our finest selection of natural and sustainable products. Our products make sense for your healthy and all shades of green lifestyles.


The idea of having pure, natural products in our lives has been around for years but now there is a renewed awareness and appreciation. It is eco-chic and fashionably responsible to be green because natural and organic products are a standard for wholesome living.


Our amazing sleep products will induce you to sleep better at night and your restful sleep will lead you to colorful dreams. Our company also has a larger purpose and our vision is gained with you. Everyone has a journey to conquer; that's why we believe in helping people with mental illness to their pathway for wellness. Whatever your jouney is, and whereever your life takes you, live it your best, dream colors.


Dream Mattress Organics is an organic and green sleep online store. Our philosophy is that a good night’s rest can be luxurious while embracing sustainability to cultivate a happy tomorrow for ourselves, for our children and for endless generations to come.

Our mission is to help you enjoy life's pleasure by enhancing your sleep naturally through healthy, comfortable products. We believe your good night’s sleep will bring you a stronger body, inner clarity and colorful dreams. Won’t you join us in our dream? With every purchase you make, we’ll donate a percentage of our profit to our cause. Dream and give dreams.


Based out of Topanga, California, we are members of certified SFC Green Leaders which mean we passed our industry’s most comprehensive training program on the subjects of sourcing, selling green home furnishings.

Good Night and Sweet Dreams!
Dream Mattress Organics Team