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Top Uses, Products and Benefits of Coconut & COIR

Top Uses, Products and Benefits of Coconut & COIR

Posted by Dream Mattress Organics on 25th Aug 2017

In today’s world we have to keep our health and the health of our environment in mind with every choice we make. This includes everything from cars to food to mattresses. It is a lot of work to think about: how much to spend, which countries have solid safety records, how long will the product last, is it sustainable, and most importantly, will this product be good for you and your family? Making well-informed choices can be exhausting! 

We want to make these decisions a bit easier for you. One of the most amazingly well-developed, well-rounded, and ecologically sound products the world has to offer is COIR. COIR is simply coconut fiber. It is extracted from the husk of the coconut and has an unlimited number of uses. It is strong and has virtually no impact on the planet. COIR, once crushed, is used in horticulture and agriculture in place of peat. COIR is strong, antimicrobial, a natural bug repellent, and can be grown easily, with little impact on the planet. Manufacturers make padding, fabric, brushes, string, rope, nets, and of course, mattresses. These COIR products have been around since the 11th century.

Now consider the coconut itself, the birth mother of COIR, and why this gift from nature is all things natural and wonderful. Coconuts have many uses on and in the human body. It can be used to soften hair, nourish skin, whiten teeth, aid in digestion, and provides the body with healthy fat. Coconut water is a perfect form of all natural electrolyte hydration. 

The oil extracted from a coconut is antifungal, antibacterial, and does not get rancid quickly, so it lasts longer. Coconut oil helps with arthritis, improves memory, prevents gum disease, is a source of good cholesterol, helps burn fat and gain muscle, and treats eczema. This is a winning product for every purpose it touts. It also means that once the interior of the coconut is used as a food and grooming and cleaning products, the exterior has dozens of uses, not leaving it to cover the Earth in more trash. It is one of the few things taking up space on Earth that use little oxygen and that can be used completely from the inside to the outside.

If coconut is this good for you on the inside and the outside, imagine the benefits to sleeping on the byproduct COIR every single night. It supports human body weight with no uncomfortable springs. It will not retain bad smells and sweat. It does not emit chemicals. COIR keeps the body temperature regulated. It is hypoallergenic. The reality is that the essence of the coconut, and the byproducts that make COIR, are beneficial and as harmless as a product can be. 

Using coconut byproducts on your body for a healthy glow, ingesting some of its sweet water, and resting yourself on a COIR mattress at night are the ultimate benefits of choosing coconuts.