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  • Latex Coconut Coir mattress made for adjustable bases
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7" Adjustable Latex Coconut Mattress

Sustainably custom made for you, one piece at a time. Ships within 7-14 days.

Product Description

Wave Latex Coconut Mattress for Adjustable beds

7"  Organic Latex and 100% organic coconut fiber 

Starting at $1900

  • Medium comfort.
  • 2" ribbed coir is sandwiched in between a pair of 2" organic latex layers.
  • Outer layers of latex are plush while the coconut coir provides the firm core.
  • This is a 7" mattress.
  • Is not available in King or Cal King. Please call us if you would like to special order.

This mattress is made especially to go on top of adjustable bases because the ribbed coir is flexible.  You could purchase our adjustable base or use your own adjustable base.  It is a medium and perhaps, a little towards a firm feel. For those who prefer a plusher feel, we do offer mattress toppers to create a more cloud like sleeping experience. Even though this mattress is designed for adjustable beds, you can use it on regular foundations as well. 

Natural Latex 100% pure natural latex, not synthetic. Pure latex foam mattress is made in one piece. There are no glued pieces or slices.  Natural latex is not easy in the process of mass production so they are expensive but they are known to be the most superior foam in the world.  Our latex is Dunlop processed. It’s the original production process with no harmful chemicals, unlike Talalay processed which contain highly toxins vanillin and dimethyl sulfate.  

Coconut Fiber 100% natural coconut fiber; each ply thread is well coated with pure natural latex so the Coconut fiber is strong and resilient. Coir fiber is 99.9% germ resistance and generates 88.6% far infrared. No germs can survive and the self-contained far-infrared radiation in the mattress provides many health benefits and better sleep. Far infra red ray is natural; the sun, humans and animals produce this energy. For decades FIR (far infra red ray) therapy has been used by physicians mainly in Europe and Asia.  Coir fibers are water resistant, will not crush or rot and will remain intact for much longer than materials used in conventional mattresses.

Organic Cotton and Eco -Friendly Wool
The organic cotton is 100% chemical-free. No herbicides, pesticides, or fertilizers are used to produce it. In contrast, traditional cotton is one of the most heavily sprayed crops.  The wool is produced by a sheep-friendly shepherds and growers who believe a sheep’s life should be a baaaa-tiful life. A fantastic insulator, wool’s natural crimp traps in pockets of air to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Certifications  ISO9001 and ISO1400  ISO9001 is a certificate of quality assurance & management. ISO14001 is a certificate of environmental standards. It ensures protection of the environment, preventing pollution and improving environmental performance.

German LGA and ECO LGA certified product mean that it has been inspected and evaluated on durability, elasticity level, spring action and tensile strength. Certified by German LGA and ECO, one of the world’s most reputable testing agencies. ECO evaluates the contents and composition of natural latex. The certificate gives only items passed in the standard that is harmless to human and eco-friendly manufacturing. 

This mattress was confirmed that it is 100% pure natural latex without any foreign substances added in the composition and analysis examinations, 99.9% germ-resisting on latex and coir; 88.6% of far infrared ray radiation test on palm coir as well as an excellent product scoring high points in comparison and restoration on the palm coir.

Warranty 10 year Limited Warranty. Made in the USA.

Shipping  White Glove delivery.



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