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Scents to Help You Sleep

Scents to Help You Sleep

Posted by Dream Mattress Organics on 10th Oct 2017

Dream Mattress Organics

Special Scents That Will Make You Sleep Better

The scent of different plants has been proven to affect several aspects of our lives, and particularly through our brains. To some, a scent is a tool that will help ease tension, while for others, scent will improve their appetite. But did you know that scent is a sleep aid?

Yes, scientists and aromatherapist have proven that scent has an effect on our brains that relates to our sleeping. Dream Mattress Organics have partnered with Greenleaf Flower Diffuser to carry scented products that will enhance your sweet dreams. Here are the most commonscents that have the power to give you better slumber nights.

The Scent of Lavender

Grown in dry, sunny rocks, this herb has for over 2000 years been used as a calming and relaxing herb. It has been used in treating anxiety and severe depression. Science has proven that lavender scent can be used to help people to sleep deep. This plant has been used in antidepressants and worked to treatdepression related cases. You might have heard that smelling lavender for a continued period of time makes you feel sleepy. It is true and proven scientifically.

Greenleaf Flower Diffuser Lavender is a product that will provide that relaxing scent in your bedroom. Plus, these blooming beauties isn’t bad to look at either!

The scent of Vanilla

This is derived from an Orchard plant, and primarily from the east coast of Mexico. Vanilla fragrance is also known for being apotent relaxer. A study conducted on people undergoing stressful condition revealed that use of vanilla gave these people a relaxation effect. When their heart rates were checked, doctors found that the heart and blood pressure went down. With the relaxation effect, this plant has been used to give people better sleep.

Place Greenleaf Vanilla Sachets near vents or on radiator to circulate its sweet scent.

The Scent of Jasmine

This is derived from shrubs and vines of the olive family. Studies have linked this scent to relieve from depressive thoughts. Researchers found out that by using jasmine oil, patients with depression relaxed whenever the scent was released to them. Good sleep is as a result of a relaxed mind. This mood perks and stress relieving effects have the power togive a human being better sleep.

Place your Greenleaf Jasmine sachet in a pillowcase as an aid to relaxation before sleeping. You do not need to open the sachets, simply place them.

The Scent of Pine Tree

The pine tree has been used to give a cheering mood over festivities. Pine tree scent gives a calming effect, and it is, therefore, a good anxiety reliever. A Japanese study showed that people, who walked along pine tree forest, were more relaxed than those who didn’t. This same experiment showed that a group that was subjected to anxious moments found relaxation when they inhaled this magical tree scent. By alleviating stress, the scent of pine tree gives better sleep to humans.

Simulate your walk in the woods with our Greenleaf Moss & Mist Scented Sachets “entwines the unruly enchantment of the forest teeming with mystifying visions, sounds, and scents. Musky Patchouli unities with wild woods and moss sweetened by fresh apple pear, and flourishing magnolia.”

Scent of the Sea

A study carried out by an environmental psychologist, shows that people who walked by the beach slept for longer hours than those who took an inland walk. For the group that walked along the beach, they tend to be calmer and more alert and sleep better. The study found out that the scent of the sea had a calming effect on those that walked along the beach line, and thus, they slept longer.

Envision your walk on the beach with our Greenleaf SeaSpray Sachets. Keep your bedroom Sea scented. This sea scent reminisces the essence of fresh ocean air is so clean that is not cloying and clinging. It will work in positive ways on your senses and help you sleep better at night.

The Scent of Rose

In the world of flowers, roses are known as “the Queen of the Garden”. We should really “stop and smell the roses”! The scent of rose has been favored by women for centuries. Its aroma is sweet, nurturing and loving. Greenleaf Rose Sachet’s “soft, romantic perfume of delicate roses in bloom” will sure to balance your mind and heart for a peaceful sleep.

Orange and Honey

Improve your sleep with honey. Honey has been used for thousands of years as a sleep aid. It has been said to drink warm milk with a teaspoon of honey to ensure a good night’s sleep; there is an old Chinese saying to eat honey every night. Drink your warm honey milk and recreate the scent of sweet honey nectar to comfort your sleep with Greenleaf’s Orange & Honey.