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Is it Time to Flip Your Mattress or Get a New One?

Is it Time to Flip Your Mattress or Get a New One?

Posted by Dream Mattress Organics on 16th Jul 2017

If you’ve had your mattress for a few of years, and it just doesn’t quite feel as good as it used to you may be wondering, “Is it time to buy a new mattress?” Not so fast you may just need to even out the wear by flipping it! Here are 8 easy tips to figure out whether it’s time to get a new mattress, and if it’s not, well then check out our 4 rules for flipping and freshening up your mattress.

It is quite easy to assess whether you should keep or get rid of your mattress, it will practically tell you when it is time to go to the recycling warehouse.

  1. As some furniture ages, it becomes more valuable and more beautiful. This is only true if you are NOT a mattress. Mattresses have a life of 7-10 years.
  2. Apparent sagging is a flashing sign that you need a new mattress. This cannot be fixed. Any type of mattress can and will sag over time.
  3. Permanent impressions are glaring signals that it is time for your mattress to get the heave-ho. The structure of any mattress will be compromised by repeated sleep positioning.
  4. This indicator is specifically meant to address Memory Foam Mattresses. These mattresses will become hard over time as a reaction to body heat and age. If your Memory Foam Mattress feels ultra-firm it may be time to get rid of it since can be very disruptive to your sleep comfort.
  5. Lumps! They aren't just for old movies. When mattress padding shifts around over time, lumps can accumulate. It is like sleeping on rocks. These lumps will hit pressure points you did not even know you had, and it will not be comfortable.  
  6. If your mattress is much heavier than it was when you bought it, then it is absolutely time to go. Mattresses hold dust mites, dead skin cells, and every bit of adult, baby, and dog drool all of the above can produce!
  7. Pain is quite bothersome to comfort. Whether your pain is a result of a chronic condition or a temporary injury, you should visit the idea of a new mattress. Healing is always slowed by sleepless nights. Consider a new mattress that alleviates your pain spots.
  8. Allergies can affect you in the day and night, outside and inside. A mattress' fabrics, filling, and manufacturing process can make all the difference to one suffering with allergies. If your mattress makes your allergies worse, you should replace it promptly.

If you’ve decided your mattress still has some good years ahead of it or if you just bought a new mattress and you want to keep it in tip top shape then follow these 4 tips:

  1. Read the manufacturer's instructions. No one knows mattresses better than those having designed and made the mattress, so do as they would do.
  2. Mattress should be flipped once every six months. To keep it clean, feel free to sprinkle some baking soda and then vacuum the side to be flipped before you turn it over.
  3. Tuck a label under the mattress to remind you of the date last flipped. Also, mark your calendar to remind you of when the next flipping should be for your mattress.
  4. A cushion top or pillow top should not be flipped. These can be freshened up with baking soda and a vacuum. You can rotate them once every few months.

If you do your research and plan properly, you can get a mattress that will work with your life and needs, a mattress that is made from the elements you desire, and within the budget you can afford. And until it’s time to get a new one, don’t forget to flip!

Sweet Dreams!

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