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Is An Adjustable Bed Right For You?

Is An Adjustable Bed Right For You?

Posted by Dream Mattress Organics on 21st Jun 2017

Buying a mattress takes time and effort. Online research to seek advice and look for the best deal will take time. And now there's an extra choice; deciding whether or not you need a regular flat mattress or an adjustable mattress. All the effort, then factoring in the costs, makes this process important for any consumer.

There are some factors which can make your decision easier. If you have any number of conditions, an adjustable mattress is the favored choice. An adjustable mattress can get you to fall asleep faster, wake less often, and dramatically reduce the discomfort or disruptive symptoms from which you suffer.

  1. Joint Pain Relief. Joint pain is a symptom of Arthritis. Arthritis is an extremely common condition. The pain can be substantial, and for some people, unrelenting. An adjustable mattress can work nighttime magic for those suffering. According to, a leading authority in spine care: "Individuals with osteoarthritis in the spine, or facet joint arthritis, often wake up feeling quite stiff and sore in the morning. Sleeping on an adjustable bed may provide better support and therefore decrease the irritation by minimizing joint compression." Joint pain can also be caused by exercise, weather changes, and a chronic condition. An adjustable mattress is ideal to take the pressure off joints and give some peace in sleep.
  2. Snoring. Snoring is often joked about, but the truth of the matter is that snoring is not a victim-less crime. It is disruptive to the perpetrator and all of his or her victims. Snoring can send spouses to other rooms and ensure that you are known as the buzz-saw in the tent keeping the other campers awake all night. A not so funny aspect is that the brain gets a shock awake with every snore. This is hard on the body and brain, and ultimately changes the way in which you function in the awake world. Snoring patterns can be helped tremendously by changing sleep position. Your airways are open and your breath easier when in an elevated position.

  3. Allergies. Allergies are a very serious problem. They not only affect the day function of the sufferer, but take the chaos into the evening. Coughing, sneezing, and dripping noses are disruptive to sleep. As with snoring, the upright position keeps airways open. This position keeps the gunk from dripping back into your throat and can help stop a major clog in your sinuses. Think of this system as you would a plumbing system; the higher the pipes, the more likely the fluid will drain straight down rather than backward. That little tickle at the back of your throat that exacerbates coughing is less likely to happen because the sinus fluid is going out and down, not trickling into your throat.
  4. Heartburn. Heartburn is common. Almost every person walking the planet has had at least one episode. The chronic sufferer can have a miserable night's sleep due to the pain associated with heartburn. Sleeping at an incline keeps the acids where they belong, in your stomach.
  5. Back Pain. Back pain can be tormenting. It follows you wherever you go. When it follows a person to bed, it can be a nightmare. Keeping your back in an incline position makes gravity work in your favor. Keeping your knees elevated will take the pressure off the lower back and reduce pain. People sleeping at an incline report a significant reduction in back pain almost immediately.

These are all the wonderful benefits of an adjustable mattress. They are many and significant. Consider a few things when making the choice; adjustable mattresses cost a bit more, they use electricity, and are quite heavy. In the big picture, these are small considerations, but are worthy of mention. Keep your eyes out for deals to save money, cut back on running the TV all night or sleeping with the air on, and make sure you know where you want the bed to live, because a weekend furniture reconfiguration will take a lot of muscle.

As always, Sweet Dreams!

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