California WildFire Smokes and Your Air Quality

California WildFire Smokes and Your Air Quality

14th Dec 2017

How the Wildfire Smokes is Affecting Your Family’s Health 

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The hazy, smoke filled skies from the wild fires that are burning all across California are causing poor air quality and health concerns for hundreds of thousands of people. These devastating wild fires are doing more than causing chaos and ruining homes, they are also bringing health risks for people and animals in the surrounding areas. Wild fire smoke and smog have particles from burning the vegetation and burned building materials. These toxins become mixed with gases that cause harm. Wild fires send smoke, soot, toxic chemicals and tiny particles into the air, which are often carried for hundreds of miles.

Wild fire smoke can be especially harmful to the elderly, pregnant women, and children. These fires can cause a range of health problems, from burning eyes and a runny nose to aggravated chronic heart and lung diseases. Some reports have shown that air pollution could also be associated with a risk of diabetes, kidney disease, as well as fluctuations in your blood pressure.

If you see a haze, smell smoke or know of a wild fire in the area, you must take precautions to keep you and your family safe from the toxins floating around. When you smell or are advised to stay inside, it is absolutely critical that you keep your windows and doors closed. It is okay to keep air conditioners or furnaces running, but only if you know your filter is clean or replaced recently.

The ultimate way to keep your body healthy when there are toxins floating about are air purifiers. When you are buying an air purifier for situations as serious as the wild fires raging across California, make sure you pick the right brand. Austin Air Purifiers have been the go to provider for environmental emergencies for over 25 years. They are the leaders in their market. Austin Air Purifiers will keep your home free of any chemicals or toxins that are floating in the air due to the raging California wild fires.

According to, they have “supplied air purifiers during the gulf war to contend with burning oil wells in Kuwait. In 2001 Austin was called upon to provide air purifiers to the Red Cross, FEMA and the EPA to cope with the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks. In 2003 Austin was designated by the United States Government to manufacture custom emergency air purifiers for the citizens of Anniston, Alabama as the largest concentration of chemical weapons in the world were destroyed under the Geneva SALT ll agreement”.

Remember, that even in the air outside looks clean, it may not be. Pay attention to local air quality reports and stay alert to any news coverage or health warnings related to smoke. If you are living in areas close to the smoke or smog of the California forest fires, or any other wild fire, consider investing in an Austin Air Purifier that will keep your family healthy.