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Beat the Summer Heat: The Best Bedding to Keep You Cool at Night

Beat the Summer Heat: The Best Bedding to Keep You Cool at Night

Posted by Dream Mattress Organics on 13th May 2017

Boy, it's getting hot outside! Running the air conditioner is great during the day, but it should not be run all night, and a fan may not be up to the task of keeping you from sweating through your sheets. The good thing is that keeping your body cool in bed and while you sleep can be managed by sheet choice, mattress pad choice, and pillow choice. We offer great products that beat the heat better than anything on the market:

1-The ChiliPAD by ChiliTechnology

The ChiliPAD has the power to change your mattress’ sleep temperature. The cool temperature allows you to sleep through the night despite night sweats, hot flashes, cancer, MS, hysterectomies, and many other temperature related conditions. Research has shown that a cooler temperature can actually improve the quality of your deep sleep and it can also help you sleep longer; and when it gets cold it can also warm your bed up for a cozy sleep! Don’t take our word for it take a listen to one of today's most influential authors and entrepreneurs; a man whom also happens to be a lifelong insomniac, Tim Ferriss.

Listen to “5 Tools I Use For Faster and Better Sleep” from The Tim Ferris Show

2-Tencel Quilted Sheet Set by DreamFit

Tencel is known for its soft feel, but it has the amazing power to keep skin cool during sleep. It does not promote sweating like many other fabrics and will not wrap itself around you so you feel like you are trying to escape your bedding. These luxurious sheets are produced from sustainable Eucalyptus forests and have an elegant quilted pattern.

3-Gel Memory Foam STAY COOL Mattress by Boyd

A comfortable mattress does not have to bankrupt you. The 8"Gel Memory Foam STAY COOL is the perfect example of superior elements used to make a supreme product, at a spectacular price. Temperature neutral MicroTec Gel™ enhanced memory foam provides targeted contouring support while “sleeping cooler” than traditional memory foam. MicroTec Gel™ enhanced memory foam is placed at or near the top of the mattress to achieve the maximum cooling benefit.

4-Renew Cool Touch Memory Foam Topper by Innomax

If you’ve just invested in a mattress but it’s not quite doing the job of keeping you cool at night, enhance or rejuvenate the comfort of the mattress the Renew Topper. This topper is specially formulated with Cool Touch Memory-Cell® Gold which is temperature regulating “Cool to the Touch” advanced technology, that helps create a cooler, more even sleep temperature.

5-Certified Organic Merino Wool Comforter by Sleep and Beyond

Most people think wool is for winter. That may be true in fashion, but in bedding, wool is king all year. Wool keeps the body's temperature consistent during sleep. The myMerinoComforter regulates body temperature and keeps it set for a longer period than most traditional comforter fabrics. Unlike cotton and polyester, it will not absorb your sweat. Wool will not compress and lose its shape. Wool has natural wicking and thermal properties that keep your body temperature cool and sustained. You can comfortably experience all four seasons with one comforter!

6-Organic Wool Fill Pillows

A hot head doesn’t prevail in sleep any more than it prevailsin the day. Keep your head cool during a night's sleep by using the Wool FillPillow made with Organic elements. If keeping you cool with natural sweat resistant, bacterial resistant, and chemically free made wool were not enough reasons to get this great pillow, read on: Each pillow is hand stuffed by women at a 5th generation woolen mill. This pillow is made with USA's finest natural wool from the Mid-West.

You do not need every cooling device known to man to beat the heat. Give your electricity and wallet a rest this summer. Add some great elements to your bed, close your eyes, and let our products do all the work for you.

Sweet Dreams!