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7 Tips for an Allergy-Proof Bedroom

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'Tis the season! Sorry, we do not mean the fun one with all the gifts and delicious treats. We mean the yucky one with sneezing, coughing, runny eyes, asthma flair-ups, and no end of remedies to fix the above listed seasonal allergy activities. Here are 7 great tips for keeping the space in which you will spend 1/3 of your life, free from allergy agitators.

1-Clear the space of dust catchers.

  • Remove all stuffed animals
  • Put extra blankets and pillows in the closet, bagged
  • Place books and magazines on bookshelves with doors
  • Make your space as knick-knack free as possible
  • Do not store things under your bed

2-Dust and Vacuum often.

  • Dust at a minimum once a week
  • Vacuum at least once a week, if you have pets, every 2-3 days
  • Use a HEPA-filter vacuum
  • If you can not use hardwood in your bedroom, get a loop as low as possible for your carpeting

3-Use washable curtains to cover windows.

  • Use curtains rather than blinds
  • Wash your curtains every couple of months, and vacuum them once a week
  • Clean the windows sills and the area around the frame once a month (Clean any mold with bleach and always remember to wear a mask and gloves.

4-Keep the air in your bedroom clean.

  • Use an air purifier
  • Keep the air in your bedroom lower than 77 °F as dust mites will not breed in temperatures less than 77 degrees
  • Do not be afraid to use the air conditioner. As long as the filter is clean, it keeps the air moving and fresh
  • Change your air conditioner filter every few months
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 Austin Air Purifier

5-Keep the furry babies in another room.

  • Yes, this is the least favorite of the tips, but it is essential for the allergy sufferer to keep the sleeping space a pet-free zone
  • If you crack under the pressure, then you need to vacuum and dust every two days, and definitely run an air filter

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6-Cover your mattress and pillows with organic protectors.

  • Protect your pillowcases from dust mites and pet dander
  • Protect your mattress from the bugs and pets
  • Cover your box spring
  • Use a comforter protector under your duvet
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100% Cotton Terry Cloth Mattress Protector by DreamFit

7-Keep your room bug free

  • Those bugs, the ones that shall not be named, (cockroaches,) are allergy and asthma dangers. Their dander and droppings are potent and dangerous.
  • Treat your space with all natural and organic materials to rid of bugs

There are easy ways to make your bedroom allergy and asthma safe. Dusting and vacuuming are essential steps, but the bed and bedding collect and hold onto dust more than any single piece in the room. Covering your bedding is a critical part of making the space comfortable and live-able for someone suffering from allergies.

So cover up and get a solid, sneeze free, night's rest. Sweet Dreams!