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2 in 1 Topper- Featuring 2 Comfort Choices


2.5" Topper - Featuring Reversible Design for Plush or Soft Comfort 

Starting at $298

Buying a mattress topper and you can't figure what you like? This topper is your safest bet. It features a reversible design, one side is softer than the other side--- just flip it over and see what you are in the mood for.  Or perhaps you can't decide between a latex or memory foam topper? Well, you don't have to decide! One side is latex and the other side is memory foam, thus creating 2 different comfort levels.

  • 2 Uniquely Different Feels with a Reversible Design: Natural Latex and Memory-Cell.
  • 1.5" of Natural Latex- Body Responsive, Pressure Reducing Material. Sleep Cool Pin Core Air Flow Design for Temperature Neutral Sleep.
  • 1.5" of Memory Cell- Contours to the Body to Provide Proper Support, Greater Pressure Point Relief and Superior Weight Distribution.
  • Natural Latex & Natural Pour, Bio- Based Memory Cell Absorbs Energy and Motion So You Won't Be Disturbed When Your Partner Moves or Gets Up from Bed.
  • Compression Flex Zoned- For Additional Straight Lined Proper Body Support.
  • Removable & Cleanable Cotton/Bamboo (made from Rayon) Cover.
  • Enhance the Comfort of Your Existing Mattress or Rejuvenate the Feel of Your Old Mattress.
  • Meets All Consumer Products and Safety Commission Standards.