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ChiliPad by ChiliTechnology


ChiliPad- Climate Control in Bed

Starting at $499

The Chili Pad has the power to change your mattress sleep temperature. Temperature in sleep is the latest wave in sleep. Chili Technology hears from customers everyday who have had their lives changed forever by this product. Customers are now able to sleep through the nights despite night sweats, hot flashes, cancer, MS, hysterectomies, and many other temperature related conditions. Many believe there are no products that can solve their nighttime heat trouble but we offer you ChiliPads. This product is Doctor recommended to reduce the frequency and severity and severity of hot flashes. What will you benefit from sleeping on this product? Research has shown that cool temperature will improve your deep sleep and it is also easier to you sleep longer. Our ChiliPad will also help you deal with the freezing winter nights, warm your bed up to feel like a cozy cave when you crawl in.

The pad is easy to care for, durable, safe and has a simple set up. It is made of 150 thread count Poly/Cotton fabric with a Polyester filling. The silicone tubes are medical grade tubing; it can’t be punctured by animal claws, or under normal human use. It will operate safely with a weight up to 500 lbs. With higher weight ranges the control unit may not reach the maximum temperature range from 46F to 118F, but will still provide significant cooling and heating benefits. It is ETL listed, which is an equivalent of UL testing. The control unit averages less than 80w of energy use. 

Simple Set Up

Place the pad onto the mattress with elastic straps.

Easy quick connect hoses connect the control unit to the pad.

Fill the control unit reservoir and press the on/off button, and add more water until the control unit and the pad are full.

Set the temperature, and if you like the sleep timer and you are off to a better night’s sleep.

Sizes and control unit options:

Twin, Twin XL, Full come in single control units only.

Queen, King and Cal King come in dual control units only.

Dual zone control allows you to individually adjust your side.








Dimensions Single Zone Dual Zones
Twin 39x74x1/2 $499.00 n/a
Twin XL 39x80x1/2 $599.00 n/a
Full (Double) 54x75x1/2 $649.00 n/a
Queen 60x80x1/2 n/a $999.00
Cal King 72x84x1/2 n/a $1099.00
King (E King) 76x80x1/2 n/a $1099.00
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