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BrainTap Headset


What is the BrainTap® headset?


The headset uses lights and sounds to get an individual out of the fight-or-flight, highly stressed, to a relaxed state in which deep sleep can occur. You will need to download the app and pay its monthly subscription fee to use this device.

The BrainTap® Headset uses red and blue lights in the earphones to calm the nervous system, free up meridian points and encourage sleeping and healing. The visor lights are encoded to get you into the desired state required to achieve the goal.

The BrainTap® system relies on epigenetics, indicating that 98% of what causes you to function is not in your genes but in your environment.

BrainTap can help you retrain your brain to bring it into balance. It will help relieve stress, increase sleep quality, reduce anxiety, change brain chemistry, and enhance your overall mood. You will experience many benefits to your overall well-being.

BrainTap® helps retrain your brain to bring it into balance so you can think and act in a more precise, relaxed manner. It helps eliminate stress, enhance sleep quality, reduce anxiety, change brain chemistry and neural plasticity.

BrainTap offers over 50 categories: sleep (29 sessions in the mobile app), anxiety, PTSD, autism, goal setting, weight wellness, addiction, and more.
It helps to synchronize your body and mind, hence relieving anxiety. As a result, you can have more high-quality sleep and sleep better at night.

Along with this order, you must purchase a subscription to the BrainTap® phone app. After that, we will provide you with a referral link for more savings. Then, you install the BrainTap® app on your smartphone, sign up, and experience the sleep benefits immediately.